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Instructors give course lectures, oversee the content of the course, manage TAs, and develop course policies.

Photo of Gordon Bean
Gordon Bean

I love to program, and I love teaching. After 7 years as a Bioinformatics Scientist at a biotech in San Diego, California, I’m excited to be here at BYU. I love this school and I believe strongly in its mission. My wife and I have three young children, and my family is a delight in my life. Stop by my office and say hi!

Spring Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4pm or schedule an appointment


Photo of Alex Hermosilla
Alex Hermosilla

Hey! I am a sophomore from Chile and am currently studying Applied Math with an emphasis on Economics. I served my mission in Goiânia Brasil. I love listening to folk music, watching soccer, and playing Risk. I took my first-ever programming course here at BYU and found it absolutely fascinating. I am excited to meet and help all of you!

Photo of Matthew Shumway
Matthew Shumway

Hi! I am a sophomore from Massachusetts studying Applied Math. I was previously a microbiology major, but taking cs110 last semester was a huge reason as to why I switched! I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible!

Photo of Max Gollaher
Max Gollaher

Hey everyone! My name is Max Gollaher and I’m a freshman majoring in CS. I enjoy rock climbing and skiing. I’m excited to work with everyone and hope you all do well in CS110 this semester!

Photo of Preston Raab
Preston Raab

Howdy! I’m from Richland Washington and a junior in the CS program. I love how coding is a skill that can be applied to basically any project. My biggest motivator for learning programming is how it enables me to tackle evermore ambitious personal projects, so I hope you find a way to apply what you are learning too!